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Isle of Islay

Hi all,

This coming week 14th September I intend paying a visit to Islay, The Queen of the Hebrides ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islay ) for a few days.

I plan to activate some of the 7 summits on the island but not sure if I will manage them all. I am still recovering from a back injury last September but I am confident enough to venture out on strange territory. I have been to Islay a few times but always working and apart from driving an 18 tonne truck round the island sightseeing that is as far as I have ventured.

The weather isn’t looking the best for next week (should have taken this week off :disappointed:) but I am hoping for a few breaks in the weather. The main reason for the break is, well to have a break and explore the many sights to see on this wonderful island. I will be taking the radio gear with me and do hope to play SOTA and maybe even a few trigs as well. Not that I bother about collecting trigs myself I just thought a few would like the chance to chase one or two.

I don’t have an itinerary as such but will post alerts for summits as I know when I will be able to do them at least a couple hours in advance. Best I can do about keeping you informed.

Bands will be probably 40m SSb, 20m SSB and 2m. I will have other band capabilities with me but usually only use those three.

Hope to hear some of you sometime through the week. Have to be home Friday midday so only a couple of days.

73 Neil


Hi Neil loved Islay when Gerald and I did it. Have a great time and hope the back behaves itself. Sadly I’ll be back down the salt mine so won’t be able to chase you for the completes :frowning:

73 de Paul G4MD

Islay update: Arrived at work this morning, cool, dreich and rather breezy. strolled into the office - like you do, got my coffee - like you do, sat down - like you do. Bosses son who is now my new boss I suppose - the same one that gave me a bonus and a pay rise this week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: said I could change my holiday to another week if I wanted because the forecast wasn’t looking too great for next week. I thought about it for like 3 whole seconds and said ok. So I am going to try for the week beginning 21st September now.

Watch this, the weather will be even worse, hurricane, 5 feet snow, -20°c and down right miserable. :expressionless:

73 Neil