Islands of Skye and Raasay

Hi everyone… Just a brief post to let you know that I have updated my blog with 4 reports of my recent activations on the Islands of Skye and Raasay. …Thanks to all the chasers and activators… 73 Allan GW4VPX

Picture taken from Dun Caan GM/SI-092 - Isle of Raasay

Looking across at my first summit of the day Meall na Suiramach GM/SI-058 - taken on my way up to my second summit Biodah Buide GM/SI-081 in the Quiraing range on the Troternish peninsula.


Allan brings back memories Colin G4UXH and myself Heather M6UXH activated the 2 above the prison one on either side of the road and cleat when we were on skye. Did the one above the prison 2 years ago. G4UXH (SK) now last November. Miss Scotland and doing the fells. We did the Harteval above old man of storr.


M6UXH here
Allan i have a few gps routes from sotas we did up scotland on sky some up by dunvegan as well and from sliggan hotel.

Hi Heather

I’m glad my posts brought back fond memories for you. I had noticed that you and Colin had acitivated most of the ones that we did. The weather was not kind to us at the beginning of the week as I had planned to do quite a few more summits including The Storr, however, we have decided on a return visit in the near future to tick off those we missed and a few more hopefully :smile:

Take care and I hope to catch you from a summit in the near future

73 Allan GW4VPX

It’s a pleasant little summit Dun Caan and the walk in is pleasant too. However, the WX was a bit rough when I was there, very strong winds. The other summit Beinn na h-Iolaire (Hill of the Eagle) was even windier but the walk in is a true delight. If you can ever do that one Allan you’ll be pleased you have.

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So glad caught you up there that one made my day with Trig, Wab, Island and of course Sota, all rolled into one.

Thanks again for your time and effort
from us lazy types in our comfortable shacks :smiley:


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I never got to Raasay but I have many fond memories of Skye! I will never forget zig-zagging up through the eery basalt pillars of the Quiraing and resting on the “bowling Green” before going on to the summit - well before the days of SOTA. I was told that there was a local legend that those black needles were witches that had been turned to stone, the atmosphere of the place almost makes that believable! I must go there again and activate before I get too old.


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