Is this multi-language feature new ?

Is the ability to translate the database page new (or have I simply missed it before)? useful in any case - see bottom of the screen:

I’m not sure what language SL is, but perhaps FR and IT would also be good to have?

About 6 weeks or so.



I looked for it … but didn’t found it… I am always connected to the previous database.

What is the link to this NEW SOTA DATABASE?

73 Armin

Here you go Armin: for the English or fuer Deutsch.

73 Ed.


It’s done automatically, so no need to use the /en or /de links unless you want a specific language.

New languages welcome, but it’s all from volunteers and no one has volunteered French or Italian yet.

Hi Andrew,
It’s a very useful feature and help promote the “internationalisation” of the website(s).
I assume it is done by choosing a preferred language for each user based perhaps on location? and then displaying the texts and prompts that are stored for each language, rather than a dynamic translation. I am used to seeing such features in the SAP product where specifying the language for each text element is normal. The choice in that system is specified in the user parameters, and one of the options was the character separator for decimals and thousands, something that the English world uses the dot and the comma, but European languages tend to use them the other way around.

Great feature, very nice.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Your browser sends a header called Accept-Language which we read and use to give the “right” page

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Hi Andrew,
Could you please give me some information about the DB translation in F.
Maybe I can help ?
Laurent F8CZI

In the other thread instructions for contributing are given.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

While reading this thread, I realised there is a newsotadata page and I wonder why neither clicking DATABASE in SW2 nor SW3 are taking me to that new page but the old one. Is this something that has to be like that or is it an error?
Thanks and 73,


SW2 and SW3 have not been changed to force people to the new database site. We are in a switchover phase… you can no longer create an account on the old database site. As we find bugs and gotchas and things which could be better, we fix them. So we are on the way to retiring the old database website but not quite yet. Before it is retired SW3 will be switched. It will probably stay about in the background for some time.