Is this a new call?


3E0FTU/P on [ G/TW-003 ]/G/TW-003)

145.525 fm


Its new enough not to be in my prefix guide.

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Does your prefix guide not list obvious typos like mine? If not it seems to me you need to get a better prefix guide.

That sounds like a really useful guide!

Everyone should have one, you normally find it in the grey stuff between your ears. :wink:

Oh that, yes I have that, and its alert went off as per normal, as I’m sure did Dave’s. Your humour alert might need a new battery…

seems like the 2e0 have all been consumed now. :grinning:

Could this be a typo, or sending error?

There is a 2EOFTU spot on Sotawatch for G/TW-003.

I would think that someone who shall remain nameless spotted the typo and edited it. :grinning:

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If the 2E0 calls were all used up then we definitely would not be using 3E calls since that prefix belongs to Panama

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After 2?0??? and 2?1??? series are exhausted, there are 2?2???, 2?3???.. 2?9??? which gives about
135 thousand possible future calls.

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