Is There an App For That? (FT5)

… or is there likely ever to be? I just got a Yaesu FT5 mainly for the APRS feature. I find the user interface to be horrible. Sending out a spot is extremely tedious and difficult in the various environments that the summits throw at us.

So my question is: is there an app that can use the smart phone as an interface for the FT5 via Bluetooth? I’m not familiar with Yaesu’s architecture so I don’t know if this is even possible, but it would sure be nice.

My Garmin InReach Mini is similarly difficult to construct and send an SMS message via the unit’s few keys, but Garmin has an app that lets a smart phone build and send the text with a full keyboard. This makes the whole undertaking SO much easier.

73 Eric KG6MZS

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There was/is an Android app called APRSISMO that would let you access the Kenwood D74 TNC via bluetooth and run maps, do messaging, etc etc…

I’m not sure you can access the TNC’s on the Yaesu radios ?? I don’t know enough about the Yaesu’s so don’t know iffen the newer Yaesu radios will allow access. I did find this:

APRSISMO can be found here: Looks like its been updated and called TestHost now.

Curios what you find out as the Kenwood TM-D74A was discontinued.

73, Todd KH2TJ


As far as I know only Bluetooth audio is integrated in the Yaesu FT5. So no TNC Interface available. Really a pity that Yaesu is missing on such chances.

73 Joe


That’s kinda what I figured. Thanks Joe.

Given that the memory slots only hold 16 characters and patching them together and then excruciatingly scrolling and clicking via a hard-to-see cursor to update the freq, mode and summit designator, the whole process takes far, far longer than it should. I am learning to hate this radio.

Another country heard from,
73 Eric KG6MZS

Todd, interesting that the adapter lists the FT3 but not the FT5. I really hope that Yaesu and/or third party developers come up with such a solution. It would make so much sense.

73 Eric KG6MZS

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Mobilink TNC with APRSDroid (or IOS KISS-compatible equivalent).

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Thanks for the reply N1RBD. I was hoping not to have to buy and carry another piece of gear. Also the Mobilinkd 3 is out of stock with no date for its return given the chip shortage. Plus I haven’t been able to find a iOS equivalent. :frowning:

73 Eric KG6MZS

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Same issues as the FT3-DR, the APRS IU is quirky. It follows no logic that I can see. Typing a SOTA spot requires multiple switches of keyboards with texting like we had on Nokia phones of the early 2000s. The only shortcut I use regularly is to re-use the previous reply from APRS2SOTA, edit TX, make changes to frequency, etc, and re-TX. I’ll even re-use the message from the previous summit and make edits that way. The radio has been great with the Signal Stick 1/4 wave ant. I use the RT Systems and SD card to load repeaters, etc.


Matt, W7MDN

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It’s , you have to pay for the app it’s like $3 then $7 a year to use extra features.

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Thanks for the tips. Also using RT Systems here. Trying to move large memories from other radios via the ADMS software was too much work.

73 Eric KG6MZS