Is there a way to click on a spot and have it auto fill a log?

I am looking for a way or an app that will just take the spot and autofill the log, or any log.

Yes yes perhaps I am lazy, but there must be a way to click on a post in an app and have it just fill the log.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for amusing me.

Kent K9EZ

Would this help ?

Use the SOTA cluster which is supported by most logging software. You can click on spots in your logging program’s cluster window to get the log entry pre-filled. And if you do the whole job, get the radio mode and frequency set and the antenna rotated to the SOTA station for a single click.

SOTA cluster : : 7300 (It’s not a webpage !)

Ye Gods! A bit more work and you can relax in the garden while an automated station does all the chasing for you!:grinning:


Why would you want to automate the interesting and enjoyable part of working the contact?

EDIT: Sorry Brian, I forgot the :grin: from this post.

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Precisely! I enjoy keeping a logbook.

Hmmm, I connect within HRD, but get a list only. I may have to try something else?

Thanks for the tip!

HRD is the one logging program that I know doesn’t work!

I know there are Mac and Windows programs that work fine. I don’t use any of them, so someone else will have to suggest what they use. Also you should note it’s not a full cluster. It just presents SOTA spots from SOTAwatch in the same format as a cluster does so that you can use it with (some) logging / control programs.

Not yet 100% click spot and fill in log, but almost:

I use Logger 32 and its free, other programs (some paid for) are available. As ON4UP says, Log4OM is popular also - I haven’t tried it having used Logger32 for longer than I can remember. It works for me.

I can thoroughly recommend the SOTA Cluster as previously mentioned which is kindly run by Andy MM0FMF MT member. I connect via telnet within Logger 32, just like telnetting into a DX Cluster which I have done for over 20 years - but this cluster is more relevant to my interests nowadays.

Good luck with fiddling about with the software Kent!

Phil G4OBK

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I consistently hear good reports from Log4OM users about the software and the team.

PS. Two samples of the telnet window and the spots window in Loggfer 32:

Telnet raw data:

Logger 32 Spots window - click the spot and call goes into logbook field and transceiver goes to specific frequency. You then have to work the station of course! :

73 Phil

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Good stuff gents. Thanks!

Kent K9EZ

Screenshot of Log4OM cluster tab using Andy’s SOTA cluster:

Don’t forget Kent, that much of the software on Christophe’s web site runs in a browser so you don’t need to install anything extra. And, Christophe also maintains a large list of SOTA software and websites.

Log4OM also generates the file for SOTA database upload and merges the SOTA Database download files automatically

In addition to auto filling the other stations look up information and the SOTA association, region, reference and summit name when using the SOTA cluster, Log4OM derives the correct grid square (Maidenhead locator) for the summits location.

Furthermore clicking a summit name in Log4OM opens the SOTA Mapping Project at that Summit reference

Let us know if we missed something Hi

Terry G4POP
Log4OM Development Team