Is the TH-D7 still viable for SOTA APRS?

Getting there step by step. Radio is transmitting, but mu position is jumping all over the map. I found this line in the “info” page -

Position ambiguous: Precision reduced at transmitter by 4 digits, position resolution approximately 69.0 miles.

I don’t see anything in the manual where there’s a setting that doesn’t send the full location.

Usually this is called GPS ambiguity in the settings.

PAMB Pos Ambiguous Sets ambiguity so that others will not know your exact location Settings: 0=off, 1=1 digit, 2digit, 3 digit, 4 digit

For SOTA only 0 makes sense

Found it. Menu setting 2-5 POS AMBIGU. It’s not in the manual at all. The manual says menu item 2-5 is “select icon” and a search of “ambig” has no matches.

I always wanted one of these radios. It was on the cover of one of the text books when I was coming up through the tiers. I got one very recently on the usual auction site for a fraction of the price it was “back in the day”. Its still a great radio, with its built in TNC and full-duplex capability.

That problem you’ve got is a nice problem to have. It looks like your unit is a TH-7A(G) - note the “G” at the end. Mine is a TH-7E(G) being in Europe and all (for a few more days at least :wink:). There is a second manual that covers the functionality of this newer model. You can find a copy here:

It covers all of the newer features that your radio has. Most of these are related to APRS, but there are some general enhancements. I believe the “bug” that only allowed the unit to work with an outdated version of the NMEA protocol is fixed too, if you want to use an external GPS - which I do, when I get time to build something!

You should find that with the new manual the menu shortcut strings tally properly - the update caused some menu entries to change position from those stated in the paper manual. The new manual only covers the updates, so you’ll still need to use the original for everything else. Why they couldnt streamline it into a single updated manual beats me! If you need and online copy of the original manual it can be found here:

Hope thats of some use!
73 de Dave M0MYA.

I’ve tried the Mobilink. It’s great for things like WinLink. However, the big drawback for APRS usage is that your HT is locked down as a dedicated APRS transceiver and you can’t monitor other frequencies. I prefer my FT3D because I can still monitor VFO-A while VFO-B is dedicated to APRS. If this isn’t an issue, then the TNC is a great solution after you figure out the sweet spot for the volume control.

The TH-D7 is excellent when combined with a Garmin 60CSx GPS :slight_smile:

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Coincidentally, I have an old 60CSx. I guess I’ll do some research on connecting these two. Thanks.