Is me or?

Bit of a question there is it not.

Past couple weeks built a 40mb loop and been in wonder of its performance till yesterday. I know the bands have been bit mean of late. Been getting out well not receiving as good.

BUT after putting the coax back in during this storm period noticed the L coax fitting seemed loose and tighten it to hear the band getting louder and then not. So removed it and place coax straight into the Tuner yesterday morning.and no more audio level changes in the noise.

Now either conditions have gone from crap to super brilliant over night to which I suspect not but just now got better ears.

Well what a difference and yet the SWR was not effected



S56 x1
EA x1
DL x2
GW x2
I x 1
CU x1( + IOTA )
GM x1
OE x1
OK x 1
and also on 40 20 15 and 10m ssb

Not even 8am UTC and banging them out this morning from SP(20M) and EA6 (40).

What a difference it did seem bit funny that prior was getting out OK just a bit deaf, now I know why due to a fault L coax connector and its been binned.

BUT did note inside there are no V bits that help it lock into place when tightened unlike coax plus on PLLs.

Bring on the Sota,s


Hi Karl,
I also experienced problems with and L shaped coax connector some years ago.
I decided to tear it down to see whats going on and I found that the electrical contact between the different sections of the inner conductor (one placed at 90 degrees with respect the other), was made by just a little spring hooked to one of the sections and gently touching the other section with a minimum surface in contact and the little strength of the spring. Nothing else.
As soon as I found that out I decided that the L shaped connectors would never be again in my set-ups.
I think you are about to make the same decision, aren’t you?
Best 73 de Guru

Oh yes will never buy them again just have to angle neck to see the SWR from now on LOL

karl 73s