Is it me or ??


Is this your new QSL card?


Why do you ask?
I do not have a single type of qsl card. I print the cards myself, which is a way to say that I have a thousand photos I can use. Generally speaking, every type of qso has its own series of photos, IOTA, WWFF, SOTA, ordinary qsos 2 x qrp and so on.All different sets of photos.
Generally speaking my SOTA cards are all mountain related, WWFF nature and so on.
What I also do is trying to use a certain photo only once for an operator, for example an operator worked on different bands = each band a different card, and so on.
Does this help to understand my use of qsl cards?
The card above is kind of the funny type.

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Neither do I :wink:

you are right…there are some people shouting without listening.and even when they listen they does not care about others…sadly one or two of them are also activators…and when they are in a summit and they transmit for s2s they do not care if someone has qso this second…lately one or two of them are transmitting their callsign (and this is the only they know and have in their minds that if the activator takes their callsign they will have the summit on cw and the points…I do not care if you have 10000 points as a chaser (giving the last 50 and 100 reports 33 cause you listen via websdr) and I do not care if you are also the very same time as activator on the first 15 places on marking if you do not have the ham spirit and you just make qrm to others
I am sorry about my bad english but I hope you understood what I mean

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I’m learning to be a lot more patient the last couple
of weeks since I started using the G90. I’ve been running it
at 17 watts, and it’s taking a lot more calls to crack the pileup!
But it gets out! Worked all 50 states in 9 days, most of them in
about 4 hours in a contest. Took a few days to find the rest!
John, K6YK

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John, this is a once in a lifetime moment to be the target of a pileup…HOOYAA!

Yeh, how true. Well, it’s a good chase, lots of action most every day.