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Is it me or is US SMS Spotting not working?

I’m having trouble with SMS spotting.

I used 1 424 373-7682 and
$ W3 PD012 7.193 SSB Test ignore
and nothing

I also tried the old number - nothing.

I tried SOTA Goat and that worked, but of course that’s not SMS.

Have I forgotten something or has something changed or is something wrong?

I just did a test spot to the 424-373-7682 number. It worked for me.


Thank you for checking. I just tried again and got “nothing”
I’m out of ideas - could I have been expelled from SOTA? :wink:

Any suggestions on something else to try are very welcome.


Did you change your phone number?


No, I’m using the same phone number. I even copied and pasted a spot that had worked in the past and then manually typed in the spot as well.

I was wondering whether somehow my phone number could have been taken off the list somehow? (This doesn’t seem realistic, but I’m out of ideas.)

I guess then Andy @MM0FMF might need to have a look at the sms spot data.

Well Jill’s spots were well-formed but there was a 25min window when she was spotting when the SW3 API was failing. The timeout for comms between the spottter and the API is 10secs. It looks the API was taking in excess of 10secs at this point. It normally takes about 1sec to respond.

I can fix the symptom by extending the timeout to something longer and maybe that would be enough. But that is only fixing the symptom: slow response under some condition. As it normal comes back almost at once this does feel like papering over the cracks. It would be better to understand why the API was slow. It’s not slow now. The API is a cloud instance so maybe it was raining somewhere in Azureland :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen lethargic API response for months and months, I’ll keep an eye open.


Thank you so much for checking for me. Just did another test - success!!! this time.


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