Is it me - again?

Once again I seem to be receiving the daily digest “latest first”. I have done nothing to deserve this, is Yahoo picking on me?

Yours with paranoia

Barry GM4TOE

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Nobody is talking to me, think I will go away and suck my thumb!

Seriously though, try following the thread “SDR for Beginners” when the timing of posts goes as follows:

12.21;12,30;10.27;10,28;10,30…11,52;10,27;10,23;10,27;10,08 etc

What is happening?

Barry GM4TOE

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Yahoo has done all sorts of silly things in the past to me such as swapping between primary and secondary email addresses without warning. And then if you pump Yahoo groups emails into a Hotmail account then every now and then Hotmail decides everything from Yahoo is spam.

These services are free so it’s hard to complain about what you get for free. There again they’re free because nobody in they’re right mind would pay for them!


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Hi Barry

If you want a good email address for lists etc… I would recommend Gmail (by Google)… and if you need an invitation I can send you one… email on

It does some very nice things like threading messages so it’s easy to follow lists even if mails are coming in at different times.

73 Marc G0AZS