Is it good for Complete?

Hello all,
I have activated F/AM-763 last summer.
Tomorrow a friend of mine will be on summits with VHF and i will be able to have a QSO from my home QTH.
The summit is at 2759m, Michel F6FLC will reach the summit using helicopter!
Will the QSO be valid for complete?
73 from Gerald

Bjr Gérald
Hummm dur dur… Bonne question :wink:
Eric F5JKK

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This is an interesting question! I would suggest that if the helicopter departs during the activation, or alternatively the station is set up well away from the helicopter, then the S2S may well be valid - and the activation, too. This is a bit of a “grey area”, but we permit activations where there is a summit car park as long as the station is not set up in the vicinity of the vehicle that the activator arrived on.

HI Gerald

To my mind it should count for both chaser and activator if the friend walks a short distance away from the chopper and sets up on his own power supply and antenna.

Better still get the pilot to come down just outside the 25m AZ and your friend can then get inside it on foot and operate in the 25m radius, Similar in many way to going up Zugspitze etc - getting out of the cable car on to the platform and setting up.

73 Phil


I did the Qso with Michel F6FLC 2M FM, but, as it was not a real Sota activation, i prefer not to count
this qso as a good sota contact. I’ll have to wait a “Mountain Goat” climbs this summit to validate the complete.

73 from Gerald

Must be a wealthy dude.

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Michel went there to mend the repeaters for the Mountains Rescue, the antenna was broken because of the strong Wind. At 2759m on the Italian border, there is no road.
73 from Gerald

Thanks, Brian – but what is “vicinity” in a measurable sense and according to the Rules? English is not my mother tongue and my dictionary doesn’t help, hi.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

As long as not connected to motorized motor let alone supplying its power or assistance to hold up antenna. Station must BE fully portable with a portable PSU. BUT NOT fossil fuel powered Eg Portable gennys. Is what from i understand and surely M/C’s should come into this cat, Its fossil fueled. in over words if went up Kitt hill with me portable M/C I would still move way and be independent from the motor i arrived on.

Believe class of solar powered is classed as portable.

Like they said above move well away from mode of transport that brought you there and not be connected to it. Like the idea, go up repair the tower and then get on air for a short one.

Get any photos.


We deliberately leave that vague, Markus. It ties in with our concept of being “inclusive”. As an example, assume a summit with a car park in the AZ. A fit and active ham will leave his car and walk either to the actual summit or a convenient operating position near the summit. However a ham that is disabled, who cannot move without a couple of walking sticks (as it happens, like my wife) will not want to go very far, and this is OK, he can still experience SOTA despite his disability. In the extreme case, a ham dependent on an electric scooter, he won’t want to leave the hard surface of the car park, and this is OK, too, as long as he moves away from his car so that his station is independant of it. Finally, there is the case where you are not allowed to leave the car park, so even an able bodied ham will have to operate from it. Again, in this sort of case we just want the operation to be away from the ham’s car - if it is by somebody else’s car, so be it. Such cases are rare but they do exist.

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This! :+1:

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