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Is GM/WS-001 too high?!

The reviewer thinks that it is very steep and too high! :smile:


There is no satisfying some people!



“noting also the lack of facilities”

I would be interested to see the response from a local on the “lack” of facilities. I thought Glen Nevis campsite was superb at the foot of the mountain when I visited there. Didn’t some group take a piano up at one point I believe.


What a wally. Did he not see the hotel at the top? I sat in it to do my activation when I was there!


If he didn’t like Ben Nevis, goodness knows what he would have thought of a couple of the Sperrins I did in GI recently - one in particular was a rotter.

Yes, also years ago somebody got a car to the top - and Don Whillans rode a motor bike to the top as a publicity stunt. I haven’t stayed at the campsite for forty years, it wasn’t anything special back then but who cares? I think the wally wanted a Macdonalds or KFC at the top!


Roflmao…and you did the easy ones :laughing:

Certainly is a complete Wally, wonder what sort of a “review” he would write if made to undertake a few days trek in a remote Wilderness area.

With no mobile phone access anywhere or anything would probably crack up.


Yeah not difficult at all Victor. Not many I would choose to repeat though. GI/SM-013, again nothing too difficult, but mostly unenjoyable!

I saw this a few months back… of course I think it is a wind up, but amusing. It was just believable as a serious review until the “toilet rolls” bit.

Yes clearly too high and way too steep for it’s size anyway. The top 1,000 ft should be quarried for stone for making concrete and surfacing roads. It would create regional jobs and reduce the UK’s need to import rock. Some of the granite could be used as a higher value product for kitchen benches and the like. When the quarrying is done the dump truck access road would serve to run tourist buses to the top which should be low enough to be under the cloud and the view would then be visible. Plenty of room for car parking and a decent restaurant and bar. And of course a visitor centre with heated toilets and smiling nubile ladies handing out free booklets on the New Mt Nevis. If the cloud persists spoiling the view then a bit more quarry work would be in order. If some nearby peaks are then seen to be obscuring the view they should be quarried to remedy the problem. Should there be concern about the loss of SOTA points then a few nearly prominent peaks could get a top up of Ben Nevis gravel to make up. All with sealed roads to the top and a heated well equipped visitor centre of course. Mankind needs to exert his dominance over Nature and make a quid in the process.


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what a muppet. I assumed it was a spoof but it is written well if it is.
I would reply and say he went the wrong way.
He should have gone from the North Face car park, availed himself of the facilities in the CIC cafe and used the escalator fitted on Tower Ridge :slight_smile:

My GF and I both have Cabinmax lightweight carry rucksacks for flying. very lightweight and designed to be the max dimensions allowed.
All the reviews give it either 5 stars or 4 stars. 4 stars as they felt it wouldn’t last long. (It is lightweight)
Except one muppet who gave it one star. His reason was when he crammed it full of stuff it was very heavy.

BTW that ledge ridge drone video is awesome.

Troll writes stupid reviews on popular social media site.
Journalists looking for stories during “silly season” give massive publicity to troll.
People comment on troll’s trolling here, there and everywhere.
Troll smiles and plans next trolling activity.

Well, it sounds like a perfectly good tourist destination to me.

“The almost circular island of Nevis to the south-east has beaches of silver sand and coconut
groves, and rises to a central peak (Mt Nevis, 985 metres) which is usually capped with white clouds.
There is no distinct rainy season. The heat is not searing; the highest recorded temperature is 33°C.”

Source: http://tinyurl.com/okenbvm

Walt (G3NYY)