Is EA2IF really preparing a trip to Poland ?

Dear Guru,

Many thanks for your chasing me during activations in SP/SZ region.
However something that I found shown me that it is possible you prepare trip to Poland.
Your chair in SP/SZ-003 area is ready and waiting for you @EA2IF

If you will need any help I am ready to serve :wink:

73, Jarek


Dear Jarek,
Thank you very much for that offered chair next to you.
I’d be really pleased to visit Poland some day, as it’s one of the Countries I’ve never been to.
Chasing you these days has required not little effort and dedication, because I wasn’t copy you on some bands and when I copied you, your signals on my dipoles were extremely weak most of the times. My rotator is currently broken, so I have my yagi stuck beaming to NorthAmerica, which leaves it useless for working central Europe. The yagi stuck to the West lets me chase NorthAmerican activators and I also use it to chase activators in the UK, EI and TF, as it outperforms my inverted vee broadband folded dipole, the deaf-pole, as I use to call it :wink:

I started a new treatment against my cancer on Thursday and it’s working fine so far having taken away the pain I’ve been having in the bottom part of my back not letting me sleep, rest or even stand up and walk without pain over the last weeks.

This new treatment requires me to have several pils daily and also a weekly visit to the hospital for an anticorps they inyect to my veins during about 90 minutes.
The plan is to follow this treatment for 6 months and then continue in the same way in case of a positive result.

As you can understand, it’s going to be difficult for me making any long trips as long as I’ll need a weekly visit to the hospital.

I hope this cancer nightmare will be overcome some day and then I will be absolutely pleased to travel around EA and many other Countries to meetting so many SOTA friends and bagging summit completes on as many associations as possible.




You have chairs waiting for you around the world, my friend.
Be well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


HI Guru,

Thank you very much for your efforts, your signals were fine nowadays, many thanks.
For health area I strongly keep my fingers crossed for everything good.
Hope to meet you in SOTA SP one day.
See you !

73, Jarek