IRC server?


I used to connect to on port 7000 (according to the definition file) to get SOTAwatch spots. Upon my return from holidays, this doesn’t seem to work anymore. Wrong or right?

IRC makes more sense to me instead of keeping the browser pointed to the site.

73 Norby

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Hi Norby

The ‘bot’ that sent sotawatch spots to the IRC channel went wrong.
Apparently it was on a decommissioned server and can’t be reached to control it.
Caemon had to ban it as it just kept sending blank spots every few seconds.

Roger G4OWG

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That’s a pity. Thanks for the info Roger.

73 Norby

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Hi Norby,

I do apologise for this. I am really short of time at the moment and it might be a lengthy task re-constituting the bot on a new server. The amazing fact is that the bot survived me terminating the contract on the old server what must be the best part of a year ago! The host obviously just let it sit there doing its thing!

However, I did mention to OWG that I was committed to pursuing this again at some point and possibly building in some integration with a website applet that might ensure better take up than the IRC client only approach.

73, Jon

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Thanks for the explanation Jon. Would an RSS feed be possible?

73 Norby