Introducing SWL SOTA QSOs into the database

During my recent time in the hospital, I had the pleasure to hear on my smartphone through the Hack Green SDR a couple of SOTA activators running their pile-ups and I took note of some of the station callsigns they worked.
This is what I got in my log:
Date: 22/01/2020

  • Activator: DL/HB9BIN/P activating SOTA ref. DM/BW-055
    QRG: 7.0325 - Mode: CW
    09h10 he was chased by EA7GV

  • Activator IW3AGO/P activating SOTA ref. I/AA-163
    QRG: 7MHz - Mode: LSB
    09h27 he was chased by EA3EBJ
    right after (probably 09h28 although not in my log) he was chased by SA4BLM
    right after (probably 09h29 although not in my log) he was chased by ON7ZM

  • Activator: S52AU/P activating SOTA ref. S5/CP-016
    QRG: 7.0290 - Mode: CW
    14h06 he was chased by EA7GV
    14h12 he was chased by SV2NCH
    14h14 he was chased by SV2HSZ
    now there was SV2OXS trying to chase him but the QSB didn’t let them complete the QSO.
    14h17 he was chased by UR5IRM

I don’t know how to introduce these into the database as SWL QSOs.
I may well address this question to Andy @MM0FMF as he is the database manager, but I’ve decided to open this thread in the hope that my question and following expected answer by Andy or anyone else willing to, will contribute to the general knowledge within the SOTA community.
Thanks in advance for your replies.
Best 73,


Hi Guru,

You can log using the chaser logentry:

After selecting the summit the SWL box shows up:

Happy to hear your good progress and motivation for chasing :+1:

73 de Joe

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I guess the “Callsign/SWL YOU used” field will need to be G/EA2IF ? As Guru was listening from the UK.

73 Ed.

I agree Ed.
Other callsign would be: DL/HB9BIN/P
and in the Other field maybe comment: chased by EA7GV - SWL with Hack Green SDR

Pls correct if my assumtion is wrong. Anyhow you can always delete it again.
Best 73 Joe

Some of my chases have been done with me receiving the activator through a websdr. In all those cases, I have included a Note declaring that I did RX through WebSDR in a specific location, as it was advised by Andy @MM0FMF in an old thread I created about chasing by listening through SDR.
My idea is doing this same type of Note for these SWL QSOs rather than writing my callsign as M/EA2IF.
In case the MT considers I should write my callsign as M/EA2IF, thanks for letting me know.


Hi Guru,
Let me say I see nothing at all wrong with SWL receiving via a WebSDR as long as this is indicated in some way - and yes you are correct - the correct prefix is now M not G, so M/EA2IF. Just so there’s some way if someone runs a query for statistics or whatever reason, the station location is known. If Andy has suggested an alternate way - he’s the database expert and you should go with anything he says over my suggestion.

By the way, good on you (well done) for finding a way to keep yourself busy (but not too busy) while recovering in hospital. You’ve demonstrated how valuable WebSDRs are!

73 Ed.

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You can see here Andy’s suggestion written on the thread I was referring to in my previous post. Below Andy’s you can also see a post from me with an example of the info I usually write as a Note whenever I chase using WebSDR for RX.



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Sounds good to me - I’d suggest you use the notes field as you have been doing. (You could enter the callsign/SWL you used as M/EA2IF as well, to be extra clear but that’s not essential). Whatever you are comfortable with. You are indicating where the recieving station is and that’s a fair way of working I would say.

Actually transmitting via a remote station brings up far more questions, than just using it for SWL “contacts” (reports).

73 Ed.

A few things here to clear up. Some of Ed’s advice appears to be guesswork - and wrong :wink:

The “Callsign used” field should NOT be any version of you amateur radio callsign, but a recognised SWL identifier, which may often be a club membership ID.

When I was a member of ISWL I used to use G-20843.

Now I use a derivation of my RSGB number - SWLs add a ‘B’ to the front - so I am BRS180710. A glance at the SWL honour roll will show some other examples.

If you don’t have such a recognised SWL identifier, you just use your name (first initial and surname). This is the tradition in SWL honour rolls.

So I would be:

T. Read

I am aware that there are lots of examples of entries in the SWL section that don’t use the correct format; I will review these in the next couple of weeks.

And yes, RX via WebSDR is absolutely fine in the SWL section.


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Since I don’t have such SWL ID, I have introduced my SWL chases using mi first initial and surname but now I go to SWL Honor Roll and I can’t find me. I’m now guessing that it’s possibly because I should have first registered in the database with such initial and surname and I haven’t. Is that right?
Thank you.


It looks like that bit of code is, as yet, missing from newsotadata.

Try going to and Change User Details from the Logon/Logoff menu. You can enable SWL features and set your SWL identifier from there.

I love doing this at work when I have some downtime.

Thank you, Tom,
Just did it, reintroduced my SWL contacts and they are all now in the database:



Yes, it could be a fun thing to do during lunch time or while long waits in the airport…


I realised that I forgot declaring that my SWL contacts were all received through the Web SDR in Hack-Green, so I have now reintroduced all contacts and the Notes now declare such point:

@mm0fmf; @vk3arr; The problem now is I can’t delete the previously introduced contacts, the ones without the comment about RX via WebSDR Hack-Green. I clic on Delete at the rightmost column but nothing happens.