Internet Tools Section on Website (Proposal)

I’ll bet I’m not the only one who has noticed the same questions are asked monthly, both here and on regional group sites, about basic things like how to sign-up for self spotting by SMS. That problem could be cured by installation of a files section on the website like the one on NAsota Yahoo Group. Absent that, there are tips under the “Joining In” column of the Sota website. Maybe G4YSS could expand his section there to include the oft-sought things, like (1) step-by-step self spotting techniques, (2) mapping, (3) less obvious tricks in database usage, (4) unspoken characteristics of the KU6J spot monitor, (5) list of regional Sota groups, (6) list of suppliers, (7) links, (8) stuff I forgot.
Elliott, K6ILM

In reply to K6ILM:

+1. An FAQ section would save lots of similar threads.



The FAQ section has/is being worked on, and is something that will be added soonish. Before that comes along, for anyone with a question to ask, first try searching this reflector - click on ‘Reflector’ above, and use the search box provided on that page.