International SOTA weekend 2014?

Has there been a firm date set for this event yet?

Vy73 - Mike - KD5KC.
El Paso, Texas - DM61rt.
W5-SOTA Association Manager.

Yes, it is always the May Day Bank Holiday weekend, so 3rd/4th May 2014. I understand that the QRPTTF event was intending matching itself to this weekend as well.


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Thank you for the confirmation. Yes, I want to schedule QRPTTF for Saturday, May 3 this year to coincide with the SOTA International Day. Reviewing past year’s logs, most QRPTTF stations get on the air around 0900 local time, which is early to mid afternoon in Europe. I’m hoping the few hours of overlap will spawn both S2S and QRPTTF activity between EU and NA for some added fun (and contacts) … and of course, encourage SOTA participation on both ends.

Any comments or suggestions to improve the event for us both are welcome.

73, Paul NA5N
QRPTTF Manager
Socorro, NM

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Any comments or suggestions to improve the event for us both are

Hi Paul,

If you can arrange to curtail the wretched WX we’re experiencing here in G, I should be very grateful.

Great days SOTA/QRPTTF radio last year. Looking forward to more of the same in May.

73 Mike

In reply to NA5N:

Paul I suggested 1200z-2359z last April when there was some discussion on the NA SOTA lists. This allows EU/NA overlap and does not penalize Pacific Daylight Time Zone folks (W6/7/VE7) since a check of top West Coast logs showed the last contact was 2130z. See my response to NS7P below:

— In, “bill_w4zv” wrote:

> Phil my question for you (and everyone) is: How many QSOs did you make after 0000z in the QRPTTF?

From posted activator logs I see the last QSO was:

NS7P 1913z
NA6MG 2130z
KU6J 2008z
N6JZT 1642z
W6JP 1948z

Although summits are more rigorous in terms of environment that “trails”, I really doubt there was much if any activity after 0000z. Who would we be hurting to make the event run from 1200-0000z?

73, Bill

I’m already looking forward to this year’s event and THANK YOU for sponsoring it and including SOTA for the 3rd consecutive year!

73, Bill W4ZV