Interference Concern

I plan to activate on BV/NT-013 on the coming Saturday, but I noticed that there is an air navigation station nearby, should I worry about any RFI that I might cause? I will be operating on legal 20m band with 30 watts max.

Thanks for your advice.

Any hams working in that sector that could tell you first hand? In VK, an amazing number of repeater/radio install maintenance staff are a) hams & b) SOTA activators who cannot resist chucking an FT-817 into their tool kit.
By the way, we are always listening for your BV activations. No luck so far. John, VK4TJ.

Dear John,

Thanks for trying to chase me. I think we will have better chance once I have my CW skill polished.

73 Willis

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You could have the reverse problem, that their radar and other equipment may wipe out your HF & VHF receive capabilities.

73 Ed.

There’s an air navigation facility with a huge sort of disk or circular antenna close to the East of the summit of Mt. Erreniega EA2/NV-092. You should be able yo see it on the satellite view on SMP.
Never had any interference from it, nor was I made aware of causing any interference to it.


Dear Willis,

I agree with Ed, that interference to your equipment might be the main problem. I have operated near radar stations without problems, but commercial broadcasters can be a nuisance.

I cannot imagine that you could cause interfere to a commercial/military transmitter with your tiny signal.

73 Heinz

That looks like a VOR.

This is my local summit G/TW-005. The radar plays havoc with the receiver on all HF bands. However you can get 3km away and still be in the activation zone as it is so flat.

Yes, that’s it.

I operated near a VOR station once and didn’t have any problems. I’ve also set up on summits that have various FAA radars and such, and not had any issues.

Had a gear fail up there once that affected my ability to receive, but it was definitely a fault in my rig. Otherwise, never had any RX problems, even operating in the parking area right next to the tower.