Interesting SOTA Spot

I spotted an interesting spot today…

41 PM

That would be a sight!

Evan - KN3O


No kidding. Saw this one time on the way to a summit…

The Lion is probably up there eating Mountain Goats!


Isn’t this why we have the activation zone? So that you can sit a bit away from the summit and hope the lion isn’t too bothered about you being there?

I think the mountain lion zone extends further, all the way to your vehicle.


Lunching on Deer perhaps

Feral pigs are fairly common in Australia and wild dogs are not unknown either. Cycling along the plateau to Mt Coricudgy a week ago came across 3 wild dogs that looked like domestics gone wild.
Very quick moving so no photos.

Walking along a track on Nullo Mountain got a bit of fright when a large yellow wild dog went bounding away over the undergrowth into the bush.

Made me wonder what would happen if you had some sort of accident and that thing was hanging about.

Could be in a difficult position if help did not turn up.

In W6 there are feral pigs and feral cattle and feral dogs as well as lion, bear, bobcat and coyote. I thought the lion, bear, bobcat and coyote would be resting after a nocturnal hunt if I planned my summits for 10:00 AM local time. Today I was coming up to the summit at 8:30 perhaps a little early!

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I am now waiting for the first confirmed sighting of the Yeti ! Might keep my eyes open o top of Mt Macedon tomorrow morning VK3/VC-007 212200 UTC April.


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Hit a bear roadblock last year and got denied a summit. Tried to do an end around, but mommy was tracking us down… so we bailed out!

Tree full of Cubs… where’s momma?

That would turn me around too James! Last summer I activated Wildhorse Island on Flathead Lake, Montana. Walked upon these big boys on the way down. Definitely the most fun 1pt summit I’ve ever done!

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