Interesting SOTA Rig?

This new kit might interest a few of you:

It looks good although I already built their PFR-3 and I recently picked up a K1 for 80m and 40m (The bands I would have chosen for this kit).

73 Marc G0AZS

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The price looks a bit steep to me, especially with the weak pound. Lets face it, for that price tou can get a decent 2nd hand proper rig complete with microphone.

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Yes Steve our 3rd world exchange rate doesnt help nowadays :slight_smile: Thankfully my PFR-3 came along when we were still at $2 to the pound!

Anyway it would still be satisfying to build in itself and if you don’t need/want a microphone, it’s reasonable value when you think that you aren’t going to have to add a narrow CW filter to the cost.

73 Marc G0AZS

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can get a decent 2nd hand proper rig complete with microphone.

There is a deep satisfaction to be had making a contact on equipment you have made yourself. The high you get exceeds all others obtained from ready made gear.

And I think you forgot the " :wink: " off the end of your message!


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Its been a long time since my station was all homebrew, but I am seriously considering the MKARS80, a phone rig and not bad for £50 though I would prefer 40 metres!


Brian G8ADD

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There exists also Juma TRX1 CW/DSB rig for 80/40m bands

I have no experience on this one, but it seems to be quite popular in OH-land. It is not as ultra light as ATS3B though. I need the 30 m band for my activations too.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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I am also looking for a kit to achieve a single-or dual-band transmitter, but remember, t the price is high compared to my budget and approach that of a 817 used, which includes many other functions.
It remains as has been said the satisfaction of using a transmitter built with his hands.
your links are very interesting and I’ll watch this closely
You can also see this link:

With f6bqu kit’s
best regards, 73’s QRO

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Another supplier worth looking at is Walford Electronics. I haven’t built any of their rigs yet, but I built the ATU which went together easily and works well.


Brian G8ADD

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Good morning
Some other link:|fr&u=

the last réalisation from Hendricks have same look that elecraft KX1:

Best week end
73’s QRO