Interesting Propagation Today on Flint Pieak, W6/CT-225

I was on Flint Peak, W6/CT-225, this morning using my typical setup, a KX3 @ 5 watts and a 66’ doublet fed with a single CAT5 twisted pair.
At 1530Z while listening on 20 meters to Mike, WB2FUV, I heard Galih, YC2VOC, call him. Mike wasn’t Q5 yet so I started calling CQ a few kHz below him. My frequency came alive with Lars, SA4BLM, calling in for QSO # 3. Galih showed up with a good solid signal for QSO #6. When Alex, S57S, called me at 1548Z there was so much multi-path or echo with short delay that I struggled to decipher his code despite a Q5 signal. Thanks for your patience, Alex! Then Andrij, UW8SM, called several minutes later. His signal was weak, but copiable except for similar echo and an Auroral quality. I really struggled to pull his call out and we finally completed. Again, thanks for your patience and persistence, Andrij! Mike called me next and we completed the S2S. TU!
I switched to 15 meters and Michael, DJ5AV, called in for an easy QSO.
A QSY to 17 meters netted Christian, F4WBN, with a solid signal. He also called on 15 meters where there was a grainy Auroral quality to the signal.
PJ2/NF9V heard me on 12 meters for a nice DX catch. I also heard HC5 on 10 meter SSB, Z21 just barely on 12 meter CW, also XE1 and F6 on 12. All in all a good DX day.
I tried mighty hard to hear EA2GM/P but no luck. One of these days, Javier!
Thanks to the many domestic chasers who make my SOTA activation days a joy. TU!
73, David N6AN


Hi David,
I was stalking on your spotted 20m frequency but unable to copy a single peep from you. I did copy S57S and UW8SM making QSO with you and amazed with such very long DX while I wasn’t copying you at all with my antenna beaming 312°. It’s clear the working path was not the usual one yesterday and some sort of path over the North Pole seemed to be working well for you. Congrats on your DX and congrats also to your DX chasers.



Hi David!!

Yesterday it was a pity not being able to do qso with you. I followed you through all the frequencies you announced but it was not possible. Even in 12m where several days ago I was able to do an S2S with California.
It was exciting trying the s2s over several bands. Since yesterday I took several monoband antennas, I had to do some exercise changing the set up for each frequency, I have a very simplified technique and it’s fast. No matter the exercise, it’s worth it if the reward is a s2s across the pond.
We will keep trying, do not hesitate.
I hope the conditions improve a little and I’m sure we’ll hear from each other soon!!
Best 73, Javier

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Thanks very much for chasing, Guru. I worked EA2DT on 3/2 and 3/3 so there’s propagation. I’m planning on a summit or two from the north side of the San Gabriel mountains soon. That will help quite a bit, I think, to EU.
73 and be well!
David N6AN