Interested in SOTA activation in EI. Would like so

Hi all,

I am interested in trying out some activation in EI-land.

Some basic pointers on how activation notified (I see SOTASpot-seems like a very good idea), can people “sked” activations (it would be helpful at the beginning), also, what are the most activated bands (can I “expect” chasers contacts on a 2M handheld?).

I have started reading the general rulebook, but any assistance would be good.


Hi Bernard,

Use the Alerts on this site (link above) to give an approximate sked of your activation, with bands/modes etc.

Most activations are on 2m FM, 2m SSB, 40m CW. Other bands are used also. It will depend which region of EI you activate in, as to whether you can expect to be successful with a 2m FM handheld. I imagine you should be fine in the IE region, especially on a summit where you would have coverage of the Dublin area. Further away, and you may need a beam and perhaps more power, or use HF.

Good luck with your activations.


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Hi, Bernard. One thing you can be certain of. Post an activation in the Alerts and at the appropriate time many beams will be pointing across the Irish Sea!

In anticipation,

Brian G8ADD

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I hope to go walking in Glendalough this weekend and thought about trying an activation, so I will do a little planning and send a message to the alert page if possible.

I’m afraid I dont have VHF/UHF SSB, but I do have HF, and 2/70cm FM voice.

I am located in Dublin, and would have access to most of Dublin surrounding areas.

I just need to figure out what to do!

thanks again

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I’d hope to activate somewhere in Glendalough, firstly I’ll have to figure out if thats a required peak (where in GDL).

If I do manage to activate something, I will be posting to the alerts page.

Be gentle!