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Contributions are invited for the August edition of SOTA News.

The deadline for submissions is next Monday 30th July.
Thank you to all who have already submitted articles.

SOTA News Editor

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Fred K6DGW [aka “Skip” on the radio]
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Wayne VK3WAM

In reply to G4SSH:
Just in case anybody is about to make a last minute awards claim: BT have now migrated their email system to a cloud based one run by William Gates’ well known company. Needless to say they have messed up the transfer and my email accounts are not accessible and won’t be for another 24 hours at least!!!

Similarly, if you are waiting on email certificates they are done and waiting for somebody to look out of their “Windows” and work out how to reset zillions of passwords AND let customers know the new password when they don’t have email access!



Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

In reply to GM4TOE:

Thanks very much for the info Barry, I was beginning to wonder if I was
"in the bad books" for some reason :slight_smile:

Perhaps a free email account for when there are problems with the main account ???

Look like one more step towards Corporate World Domination, I have to say that with so much infrastructure in the hands of one company, one has to consider the worldwide effects of a terrorist attack on them.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to G3XQE:


If you are still waiting for yours there is another problem elsewhere in the email system - they have now been emailed twice. If you still have not received them can you contact me via my own account, I have it working now (gm4toe “at”


Barry GM4TOE