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Input on my videos?

I would love some feedback on my videos.
What do you want more and less of…?
Thank you!

73´s de LA3NGA/p


On my opinion, your videos are just fine. Pictures are nice, and sound is quite good.
But Maybe you could avoid some slots with high speed pictures. I just had dinner and the couple high speed pictures + wide angle lens is a bit uncomfortable…
Hope to work you again.
Vy 73

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I am not doing timelapse again, takes to much memory in my camera.
I am also hoping to get a new camera to get more steady shots.
Thank you for feedback :slight_smile:
Best 73´s de LA3NGA

Yes, I have to agree with others. A bit too much high speed. A better solution would be just a transition to your new location. The audio sounded a bit muffled and low on my end. My video software allows me to increase audio. Nice views and very green.
Good luck and looking forward to more of your video’s.
Don, NK6A

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Hello Henning,

I like to see different styles for SOTA videos. And it should be fun for you to watch the videos. At least I for myself have a lot of fun watching my selfmade videos again. As long as this is granted everthing is good.

And of course over time you try new things or camera angles or ideas. That’s the fun of it.

The timelapse is taking to long and I felt the urge to skip ahead. You could try to use Microsoft Hyperlapse (which is free) to steady them. This might make them more fun to watch especially as you can speed them up even more - but steady almost like a flight. Or just pick interesting sections like ridgelines or changes in scenery for the laps.

A mix of video and pictures is what I like to do. Pictures give the viewer more time to focus on the beauty of nature from my point of view.

73 de Joe

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