Inline DC power meters

Hi all,

The Watt’s Up DC inline meter which indicates voltage, current, power and consumed energy (mAh) is well-known. For QRP operations its 60V/100A range is overkill.

I found that the specifications of so-called USB power meters are getting better. The latest I got is called ZY1266. It can handle 24V/3A and offers numerous interesting capabilities not available in the Watt’s Up, such as accumulation of consumed energy even when powered off in between.

Yes, it has got USB connectors, but with 2 home-made USB-to-PowerPole pigtails it fits with my portable rig. It is much smaller and lighter (17 vs 72 grams) than the Watt’s Up. A disadvantage might be the absence of a rain-proof cabinet, but being a “sunshine activator” I don’t care.

73, Markus HB9BRJ

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