Initial activation of DM/HE-138 Staufenberg

Yesterday I had the pleasure of activating a summit for the first time. The Staufenberg was only unlocked at the weekend at the expense of the neighboring DM/HE-137.

The path from the hiking car park to the Staufenberg hut on a wide forest path is a very easy 20-minute walk and the same goes for the 3-minute climb without a marked path.

The summit with the summit stone is in the sparse forest with no good visibility, but is ideal for my EFHF, which I almost always throw into the trees.

My seat was a fallen tree trunk less than 20m away from the summit stone. The pileup was very exciting, it was difficult for me to decode my log later.

The friends from the German Messenger Signal Group Sota-BW came first and gave me some S2S. Then Phil get in touch and try to calm me down, tnx. The obligatory CW qso with Lars couldn’t be missing.

Another highlight was the qso with Uwe, DK8OA. It was very well received with its tube trx from my think tank and only 600mW over 100km.

What a day! Tnx for all your chasers!

73 Chris


Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for our S2S qso yesterday. It is amazing that it worked so well on 40 m with a distance from the Staufenberg to the Struthkopf DM/HE-562 of only 86 km. I am very glad that I could join the party and contribute to converting the ZERO to a ONE. :grinning:

73 de Peter, DM7KN


Hallo Chris,

vielen Dank für das S2S QSO

Gruß Michael


Many thanks for the QSO

That gives me one more summit to complete on my way to visit family in northern Germany. :wink:

73 Armin