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Info wanted please


Im thinking of doing gt shunner fell and lovely seat at the weekend.
Could anyone give me a grid ref on were to park etc.
Any info will be greatly welcomed.


Click on the ‘Summits’ link above, and surf into the Great Shunner Fell / Lovely Seat pages. You will find all the route and parking details in the articles and links on those pages.



Just had a look and there isn’t as much info there as I thought there would be. It is Buttertubs Pass SD868955 anyway, and follow the fence line either side of the road to each summit. On my website, the 2005 reports give more useful info than the 2006 pages.



In reply to M3UUM:
Head up Buttertubs Pass road to the cattle grid at about SD868955, and park. Lovely Seat is a straight walk up the right side of the fence on the east side of the road. (a little detour may be needed to avoid the bog at the start.
Gt Shunner can also be done from here but we have always done it via the Pennine Way from Thwaite so can’t help on that one.
Take care


In reply to G4RQJ:
thank you to you both for your input its been helpful
best regards