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Independent SOTA dinners at Friedrichshafen this year (2021)

Although the Friedrichshafen Messe & the DARC have just released a press notice, that HAM RADIO will go ahead as an in-person event June 25-27th:

I intend to attend but do not intend to organise the usual SOTA dinner as I feel the number of attendees will be reduced due to people unable to travel from international locations due to continuing COVID-19 travel restrictions.

What I suggest is that those attending the 12-noon meet-ups in the event, arrange between themselves on a day-by-day basis, where they might go in the evening to eat together (as much as that is allowed).

73 Ed.

Hmmm for it to go ahead someone, somewhere is going to have to administer a shed load of vaccinations sharpish or only a fraction of the possible audience will have been done by then.

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