Incorrect ref

I’m sorry, I gave a bad ref. Please correct the OK/VY-058 on OK/VY-053.
Old man, old eyes.

Vy Thanks
vy 73


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Thanks Jan, did you manage to work any VK’s ???

73 de Ken G3XQE

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It was fantastic Ken, 3x VK.
My rig home made trcv out 1W and ant GP

vy 73 Jan OK2PDT

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Well done Jan, I am glad you enjoyed the activation.

You were a very good signal here for 1 Watt output, the results were excellent considering that the solar flux was not very high this morning.

I almost fell off my operating chair when I saw Karel OK2BWB/P operating SSB to work the VK’s !!!

I hope to see you more on 20m as in the summer months you are not quite strong enough to work on 40m at this qth other than early in the morning.

73 de Ken G3XQE

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Hello Ken,

“I almost fell off my operating chair when I saw Karel OK2BWB/P operating SSB to work the VK’s !!!”

Karel put a lot time in and he achieved his objective and by using SSB and CW and gave everyone a chance. I nearly had a similar falling off moment when I heard the QSO between Karel and Daniel YV4NN.

Mike G6TUH

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Hi Mike;

Yes I heard the YV as well ans was quite amazed considering the SFI.

Well in the approximately 4 years that I have been actively SOTA chasing, I have never seen Karel operating SSB and have worked him many times on CW, hence the almost falling off the chair, a similar reaction from me could be expected if I heard Roy G4SSH chasing on SSB :slight_smile:

73 de Ken G3XQE

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Hello Ken,

Ah that explains a mystery to me.

He made the comment that I was his first SSB contact. I thought it an odd thing to say and assumed it meant first in the log today 8)


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Many thanks for the contact today, Jan. My 1st OK SOTA.
I can’t believe only 1W out. Your GP was working vy well and sig was vy good. Some QRG drift each over - I hoped your battery was not going flat!

73, Gerard - VK2IO

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Hi Ken,

I often work on SOTA several years.
You’re right, in winter conditions were stable at 40 m than in summer.(I think for SOTA)
Terms of spreading a lot of changes and can surprise you.
Unfortunately, even when the conditions are sometimes missing stations.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing with you on 20,30,40m.
Sorry for my English…


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Dear Gerard,

I was pleasantly surprised that I made a QSO with you.
You have very good hearing. Changing temperatures and sunlight affect the frequency VFO.
These were tens Hz.
I only have home made ​​equipment, manufactured products such problems certainly do not.
Also thank you very much for the QSO.

Vy 73 Jan OK2PDT

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Hi Jan,

Thank you for the QSO this morning. I had my radio on your QRG whilst I got ready for work & at first I could not hear you at all, although I could hear the VK’s working you. Later you started to appear out of my noise so I called you, but then QSB took your signal into the noise again. Thank you for answering my second call, & repeating my RST, which I missed completely due to QSB. You were only 339 when we worked but got stronger later on. A very good signal for 1 Watt & the frequency drift was very minor.

Apologies for repeating an incorrect spot, I had only just got up & was still quite sleepy :wink:

Thanks again & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Yes only small drift. Second contact so your rig was still warming up - hi!
Vy rewarding to use homebrew rig - congratulations! I’m just using a dipole 10m high and sigs were fb.

Thanks for getting on early to work VK.

73, Gerard - VK2IO