Incorrect ref on 7/22 (W0D/BB-029 not BB-005)

I had an error in my notes which resulted in me mis-spotting myself. I only activated once on Sunday so at least there’s that silver lining.

If you worked me on Sunday 7/22 I was on Bear Mountain W0D/BB-029 NOT W0D/BB-005, St. Elmo’s Peak.

Mea culpa!

Joe // N0MAP

Thanks for the QSO and info! I fixed my Log,
See ya on the bands,
73 Gary, N2ESE

Thanks for listening Gary! It was a super pretty summit, and overall a wonderful trip though way too short. The Black Hills are a SOTA op’s dream. Dozens of summits ranging over all levels of difficulty in a relatively small area. I’ll post a trip report and more pics before long.


Bear Mountain