In search of fresh air on Monte Gemma I-LZ 037

There are several days that the temperature in Rome even exceeds 30 degrees during the day and the idea of ​​going to look for the cool in the mountains came to me and Luca IZ0FLY and we decided to do a Sota activation on Saturday away from Rome. We chose Monte Gemma, a 1457 meters high peak in the Lepini Mountains about an hour’s drive from Rome. The walk to the summit lasted about an hour and a half with an ascent of 450 meters.

When we got to the top we discovered that the summit was in the middle of the trees and we had to move about 50 meters to find a free area to mount the antennas. I chose a large iron cross as a support for my random longwire and Luca used his fishing rod as a vertical antenna. The radios were my Kx3 and Luca’s K2. The HF conditions were not the best, little propagation and bands very full of cw signals for the Wpx contest. In the end I did 19 qso with 6 S2S with @G3TQQ @SP9MA @IK2LEY @hb9evf @HB9CEV and Luca 7 qso in total. The temperature at the top was perfect, fresh wind and therefore it was really difficult to go back to the city where the heat had never stopped warming the streets. Overall a nice activation and therefore I thank all the chasers for the qso!