In hospital

i was speaking to g6ddq myke on the phone 09/12/09 and everything was ok, phoned up again to night and his mother said he was in hospital, not sure whats wrong but wish myke a speedy recovory, steve m0sgb

Get well soon Myke.

Jimmy M3EYP

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had a reply from Myke and he has to have an MRI Scan, think Myke will post something on here, when he’s feeling a little bit better,
Steve m0sgb

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Please pass on my best wishes to Myke for a successful outcome.

Roger G4OWG

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Brian G4ZRP said he hadn’t heard Myke on air for a while. Please pass on best wishes for Myke from both of us.


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Best wishes from me for a speedy recovery.

Mark G0VOF