** IMPORTANT** Database Migration ** IMPORTANT**

The database server and software is being updated by our hosting company. This means we need to migrate the data to the new system and this means a few changes for a short period.

  1. newsotadata has had writes disabled. It writes to the same DB files as the old sotadata does.
  2. sometime this evening (UK time) sotadata will be taken off line whilst the data is migrated.
  3. once migration is complete, sotadata will switch to the new database
  4. time zones permitting, newsotadata will be switched over (Andrew VK3ARR is 10hrs ahaead of me)
  5. summits site will switch to the new database

The old DB will remain available for read operations and this means Jon’s new summits webpages and SOTAwatch 3 should keep working during the migration.


Good luck with the migration - I’m sure we will all keep our fingers crossed for an uneventful action.

73 Ed.

Does the new server have a blue disk activity LED?


Blue LEDS would make it faster. It will have SSDs not spinny discs though.


The migration is happening but could be some considerable time. Sorry, but that is just how it is.

. . . take your time, Andy (but it’s your time, unfortunately)!

Even the Romans knew: “Per aspera ad astra”, so hoping here that you’ll see these stars soon.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Your support is appreciated Markus.

I have a snapshot taken at about 1530Z 2019-Jun-04. This is what will be restored. Now I could turn write access to the old db back on but any activations and chases submitted to it will be lost so there seems no point.

What is good is that SW3 and the new summits site are still working.


Good luck. It’s always necessary with DB migrations… :wink:

Vy 73


Good luck with the project, and hope the bits and bytes don’t get into a fuss with each other. And hopefully Garmin won’t be making more changes in the middle of this headache.

If it gets really aggravating, just reference this old scene from the original “Tron” ( - YouTube ) and maybe your bit will show up to help. Or at least provide a chuckle.

Best of luck,

Mike, N4VBV

Is the blue LED on yet? I have a chase to upload.

Things are looking good. I’d enable things now but I want to do a few tests with Jon and Andrew 1st then clean up things. Sadly my employer wants me to do some work so this will need to wait till this evening UK time.


I feel you I have 3 full activations to log… but its all good the price of progress and luckily i’m on vacation currently so zero rush :smiley:

You may want to migrate to the British rebel colonies.
No, wait…don’t. the jackalope will slap a tariff on you.


OK, well that took longer than expected for all sorts of boring and tedious reasons.

The database is now back online using a new faster DB server and DB software. In addition whatever was causing the web server to crawl is also fixed. I was seeing downloads of about 12-30kbytes/sec and earlier it was back up to around 4Mbytes/sec, about 100x faster.

Now this is important… if you all rush to login and upload / download then there may be issues, so take it steady.

There is still a web server upgrade to come. Expect more interuptions.


Thanks very much Andy :wink:
Working fast
73 Eric F5JKK

Hi Andy,

Could it be that the newsotadata is still connected to the old database?

Thanks for all the time and effort in making this change including the SSO.

73 Joe

What makes you think so? Are you seeing something different between newsotadata and the old one?

Hi Andy,

A member of my local club told me very proud that he entered just today his activations to the database.
I was looking at newsotadata and told him that nothing is there.

OldSD has his entries for his call OE5AKR:

Newsotadata has no entries for this callsign.

Was it bad timing?

73 Joe

Intriguing… it is certainly in the DB on the new server.

It’s probably something silly like cached parameters on the new one. One for Andrew @VK3ARR when he wakes up.