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I'm new here!

Hi guys!!
Let me introduce myself,
my name is Roberto, I was born in '83. I live in Lecco, in the north of Italy, near Swiss. I got my licence in 2005.
Like all of You I’ve got these two hobbies: mountain and radio!!
I started Sota in the summer of 2015. I worked my first summits with ft857d battery sla 9ah and endfed 40-10mt, after that I’ve changed my setup and now I use kx3 lipo and g5rv1/2.
I hope to hear you on air!


Enjoy yourself and stay safe.
One of the countries in Europe I’ve always wanted to visit, Italy.
Hope to meet you on the band’s sometime.


And many thanks for the Sotas i have chased you on so far :slight_smile:

Karl M3FEH

Ciao Roberto,
Benvenuto sul Reflector et la famiglia SOTA.
I hope to have many QSOs with you.
73 de Guru

Hi Roberto! Welcome!

I’ll be in Northern Italy in late August. I may ask you for some advice on summits.


Hi Roberto welcome to SOTA !

Pedro CT1DBS coined a wonderful word the other day - addictivation (= addiction to activation?) Sounds like you’ve got it!

Stay safe and have fun on the hills, hope to work you one day soon :smiley:

73 de Paul G4MD

Hi at all and many thanks for your very friendly welcome!!!

M0VED: Now You found a sota-guide for I/LO HB/TI HB/GR! You will have one more reason for your holydays in North-Italy

KARL: I remember very well your callsign! I hope to contact you again!

GURU: esta es una gran familia!! espero escucharte en S2S

GERARD: Of course! ask me! it’s always a pleasure to answer

PAUL: Yes, I’m addictivation! but I can give up whenever I want!! ah ah ah!!!

All kidding aside! Monday I will working from I/LO-317 Corna Lunga on 40-20mt ssb

See You soon!!


Hi Roberto

Welcome aboard!

Be aware of addictivation !

Hope to have S2S with you soon.

Yes Paul, because activate summits is so addictive, with the word “addictivation” I mean “addiction to activation”.
Maybe this isn’t good and plain english but, at least, I have a good excuse: My mother tongue is Portuguese! :slight_smile:

Vy 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

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Hi Pedro

You don’t need any excuse you obviously have an excellent grasp of English to be able to play with our words so cleverly :smiley:

73 de Paul G4MD

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