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I'm back

Hello SOTA,

How I have missed you guys! As some of you know I took a break from radio for flight school and have been pretty disconnected for the past 10 months. I am finished with school, have my commercial pilots license with an instrument rating and multi engine add on :grinning: I have enjoyed my first employment opportunity ( contract ) and will be taking the entire summer off! I will be picking up on a multi engine contract in November.

The adventures I shared with the community from some of the hardest summits in the United States last summer were just the beginning. Ill be out tomorrow and every weekend all summer! I am also going to work on better video editing this year for the channel Send It QRP Youtube. I have really missed the community and could not be more excited to be back! Hopefully catch you guys on the bands! 73 :dog:ROB


Good show, Rob!
Be looking for you on the bands.
Check my QRZ page for some outrageous flying stuff.

Best, Ken, K6HPX


Hope to run into you on the bands, how cool! How did the HF work out from the tail wheel? Thats pretty cool!

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