If your out with 2m ssb this afternoon

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There must be a lot of people on SOTAwatch accessing that web page because their server has fallen off the web! :wink:


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It appears so Andy - anyway the magnetometers were showing maximum deflection about 11:00z so there MIGHT be some auroral propagation imminent.

http://www.dcs.lancs.ac.uk/iono/aurorawatch/rt_activity/ is the URL but it is not working at moment.

ps I deleted original post before I realised you had replied.

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There seems to be some tropo in 2 m here in Switzerland now. My weather station packets are relayed again to internet even without the Geneva digipeater. The current map


seems to agree with the prediction

Looks good for F, EA and I.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

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2m seemed to be wide open last night: scanning around on the dual bander in the car/mobile whip before the start of the 6m activity contest many of the French repeaters were very strong at the top end of IO93 s7-s9. Shame we didn’t pack the 2m yagi.

73, Chris M1DTJ

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i recieved an e-mail this morning telling me about an aurora, the link is below

AuroraWatch Alert, 11:07 UT 28 Oct 2009:
VERY LARGE increase in local activity, possible SSC.

Steve m0sgb

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Thats the one mentioned above Steve - I’m beginning to think that the e-mail alert may have been triggered by a computer fault as the AuroraWatch site crashed and has been coming and going all afternoon. The graph is now back and seems to support this. Apart from a large blip everything is normal.
http://portal.cssdp.ca:8080/ssdp/static_content/ssdp/rt_oval/index.html is not showing anything spectacular :frowning:


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Spaceweather.com shows an enhancement of the auroral oval but it is only likely to lead to weak “Scottish-type” auroras.


Brian G8ADD

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i recieved another e-mail from the auror watch team yesterday,

We are very sorry for today’s false alert which was due to man-made
disturbance at our Lancaster field site.

the AuroraWatch team.

Steve m0sgb