If you worked N0DET on a summit today....

I activated two summits today (Sunday, Feb 20, 2022) - first was Chief Mountain, W0C/FR-030, and later I did nearby Squaw Mountain W0C/PR-082. While I arrived at the trailhead on time, I ended up summitting and getting set up an hour late. (Winter activating has its own challenges.) Since I posted an alert for both summits, the spotting network (RBNHole) heard me after 1800Z and spotted me on the 2nd summit - but I was still on the first. So, if you worked me from 1740Z - 1810Z today, I was indeed on Chief (W0C/FR-030). My short time on Squaw (W0C/PR-082) was from 2050Z - 2110Z. BTW, Squaw Mtn is the site of several radio towers and transmitters, which ended up making 40 and 30 pretty much unusable, and 20M barely usable. The cold wind didn’t help, either…my cw was suffering.


Nice work Dave! Did the Chief / Squaw double myself yesterday. Fantastic weekend for it!



There is this. Or, dare I say, chasers should copy the summit reference from the on-air contact, not SOTAwatch spots…


I don’t know how many times I have said to use wildcard spots as that will cause a spot without the full summit info to appear. At this point the chasers will need to get the summitef off air from the activator. At least until one of them spots the full info.


You didn’t happen to find a signal stick ant. on Chief? :joy: that is a great SOTA pairing! Can’t wait to get back.



Agreed - I don’t want chasers to HAVE to rely on a computer spot - anyone anywhere can send “REF?” and I’m happy to send it. Besides, may of the summits we activate around here are out of cell phone coverage for self -spotting. I’ll stick with careful scheduling instead :slight_smile:

I don’t know Erik - it might have been under one of the many snow drifts! When you’re back in this area drop me a line and I’ll either activate with you or be a local chaser.

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Had to get out before the zero / below-zero weather moved in!