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Ideal Pen for SOTA


Fully agree. That’s exactly the way I work during my activations. Paper and pencil, picking up the callsigns and storing them in my brain short term memory, then writing them down on the paper log while they are coming back to me with their signal report and greetings.





PaperMate Inkjoy (i.e. random pen borrowed from work). Works at 10’F, rain, etc. Thought about getting something better, but this one hasn’t let me down.
73 Jim/K7MK


Pencils. Simple, can’t freeze and you can correct mistakes easily.


That make me remind a story i heard… When going into space, the NASA spent a lot of money to make a pen that would work in all position without gravity.
The Russians did use a simple pencil !! :joy:


No they didn’t.


The space pen/pencil story is wrong in pretty much every respect. NASA did use mechanical pencils, but broken lead bits are conductive, which is a risk.

Fisher Pen Company spent $1 million of their own money to develop an “anti-gravity” pen. NASA started using it on space flights in 1967. A year later, the USSR ordered 100 pens and 1000 ink cartridges to use on Soyuz. Both space agencies got the volume discount and paid $2.39 per pen.



Who didn’t what ?


NASA didn’t spend millions inventing a space pen and the Russians didn’t use pencils.