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Icom 705 Plus Survey

We are months away before the awesome Icom 705 hits the North American shores for sale

There is demand for the Icom 705 Plus version (includes a Tuner) and a bigger BP-style battery pack

Here is the survey

Thanks for you help as I work with Icom to release the radio we wanted in the first place beyond a 7300/9700 mash up


I think your survey asks all the wrong questions. 6 years too late Icom, most active SOTA activators are not going to shelve their kx3/2s or ft 817’s, MTR’s etc to buy another radio. I know you can never have enough radios but I already have 4 rigs I could take to a summit in my back pack. That’s what I think.
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I too have a sickness of too many radios like the 817, G90, KX2, 703, MTBR, homebrew but darn it I dont need to pack an HT to work 1 Charlie on the Krozenplatz repeater on I/AA-187 Corones with the 705 after my SOTA activation

My FT-891 can go 5 to 100 watts as needed without an amplifier

Come on Kenwood with a rebuttal please

I very much doubt that you will get anything more than a polite acknowledgement from Icom.


I use lots of Icom rigs in my shack and mobile I think I have 7 if I count them all up I am just saying they are a bit late with the new ic 705 but I hope they sell a mob of them to SOTA activators who may be in the market for a new rig. I wish them luck and am sure the purchaser will get a great rig.
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The 817 is best…

UHF contest 2014, OM/ZA-067 Miro OM7SM


The survey is non product specific and looks more like a generic template for a market survey; some questions don’t even apply. I find it hard to understand how it would gather specific and actionable feedback on the IC-705.

How exactly are you “working with Icom” on this ?