"I wandered lonely as a cloud"

Yorkshire summit Freeholds Top G/SP-011 was quiet on my only visit there with Treacle some years ago (2013). Yes, YORKSHIRE SUMMIT don’t you know, but very near the border with the Manchester Metropolitan District Boundary line which also lies in the AZ .

73 Phil

PS There are 23 Yorkshire Summits, if you count Nine Standards Rigg G/NP-018 where the AZ enters North Yorkshire but where the highest point is in Cumbria.

Yuk. Freeholds Top would certainly not be on my list!

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Nice industrial access track of old coal dust to the top!

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Nice topic Richard (despite my flippant response earlier - I hadn’t had my morning coffee then).

I think one of the delights of SOTA is that it has encouraged me to walk hills that I would probably have never bothered with before. As Andy said above, one of the keys to absence of people is timing. I have had the summits of a few popular fells to myself at dawn. Other factors (when it comes to favourite) are the conditions experienced, the view, and the quality of the radio contacts. Having said that, I had a lovely day out on TW-002 early in my SOTA career, with everything (including the SLAB and the antenna) except the radio.

Favourite though (because I probably won’t get back there and a complete absence of any humans including SOTAists) GM/NS-134


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Fail. Not England @G6PJZ.

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Interesting that far North skies only have two colours… bluer than Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown :speaking_head: or as dark as the plains of Mordor. :mage:

Ooops! Didn’t read the question properly :slightly_smiling_face:

TW-002 then - 1st VK S2S and nice café at the bottom for breakfast afterwards (in pre-COVID days)

Heath Mynd G/WB-007

It feels quite remote for Shropshire - though it isn’t really…


If I were allowed to stray into Wales in the context of this thread, I would vote for Beacon Hill GW/MW-009. That also feels remote, and the mood is set by a stand of pine trees close to the parking spot, which make a soft mournful noise in the wind.

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A local should know - the Lord Stones cafe is at the bottom of G/TW-002 Andy, and then now its probably closed for all sales. There is the farm shop though, so if they were open and you were prepared to take the risk you might get a takaway tea or coffee.

73 Phil

I can think of quite a few summits where I have wandered lonely in the cloud :slight_smile:

My suggestion Great Knoutberry G/NP-015

(Picture from August 19 showing a hill I managed to persude my youngest to walk with me). Paul


Swinside G/LD-057 I think would be the loniest SOTA summit in the Lake District as that is on private land, but you can obtain permission to walk up and activate this summit.

Jimmy M0HGY


Gun G/SP-013 was lonely. I was the only person on the hill throughout my return walk and brief (2 contacts) 2m FM handheld activation.

The Cloud G/SP-015 was not lonely. There was a steady flow of walkers on there throughout the day, but social distancing was easily maintained, usually looking more like 10m than 2m.

I set up in the middle of a large expanse of heather on the northern shoulder of the hill, several metres distant from all surrounding paths. The view was great, the weather was lovely and the fresh air was delicious.

Radio wise, I took the trusty FT-817, microphone, paddle and tablet, plus the Bandhopper 4 linked dipole and SB5 2m beam. There was practically no wind, so I erected these both on the single SOTA Pole, guyed just with the linked dipole.

I made 111 contacts in the activation, and used 19 different band-mode combinations:

80m FT8 - 2 QSOs
80m CW - 1 QSO
80m SSB - 1 QSO
40m FT8 - 7 QSOs
40m CW - 21 QSOs (S2S DM/RP-322)
40m SSB - 3 QSOs
30m FT8 - 1 QSO
30m FT4 - 4 QSOs
30m CW - 6 QSOs
20m FT4 - 1 QSO
20m FT8 - 4 QSOs
20m CW - 3 QSOs
20m SSB - 1 QSO
2m FT8 - 3 QSOs
2m FT4 - 1 QSO
2m CW - 1 QSO
2m SSB - 6 QSOs
2m FM - 42 QSOs (S2S G/WB-017 x 2)
70cm FM - 3 QSOs (S2S G/WB-017)

It’s good to be back!

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Usual thread-hijack.

Given your deliberate choice of words in the thread title, I look forward to any (flawed but hilarious) attempt to prove that case.

Any recommended quiet summits down south?

I’ve never seen anybody on the Watch Croft, DC-007, though I have been there several times, but as there is a house not very far from the summit (the converted count house of the ruined mine) perhaps that doesn’t count - though I suspect that it is a second home and infrequently occupied.

Send G3CWI as far as you possibly can Brian,that’s it. He could visit Lands End and Penzance while he is there.

73 Phil

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I can even provide a list of decent real ale pubs in the area - pity they’re all closed! :wink:


Quite a few visitors came along when I activated it, almost a decade and a half ago. Maybe it is even more popular now, who knows? I don’t think I will go back to see.

As for a pleasant quiet hill down south, I don’t think any qualify on both counts. Brown Willy DC-002 is my favourite of the SOTA hills, but can be quite busy.


I’ve only done a few in the South of England and they were all very busy though it was August and the WX was quite nice. As you are looking for quiet summits, the following are anything but quiet and should be discounted from your search.

G/SC-001 Dunkery Beacon
G/SC-002 Will’s Neck
G/SC-005 Selworthy Beacon
G/SC-006 Periton Hill

I enjoyed them even if they were busy and Dunkery Beacon was heaving with people.