I see banning is the new censorship

Oh well just shows what SOTA has become…

In reply to M3JJK:

In fact I was absent during this mornings remarkable display, attending my younger son’s Oath of Allegiance as he is joining up, but I feel that the MT had no choice but to act as it did.

You claim banning is censorship. In fact it is not a ban, it is a suspension of posting rights which will be restored on receipt of the requested assurance that posts will be within the guidelines laid down for this reflector. A suspension is not awarded for the opinions held by a poster, it is awarded for how those opinions are expressed. The guidelines are not onerous, indeed they are very simple:

“Please only post messages that are relevant to SOTA and amateur radio at large. Off-topic messages or messages that may be offensive to some members of the group may be deleted. Members who persist in posting inappropriate material may be excluded from posting in the future.”

I see my task as ensuring that posts are courteous and moderate in tone and language. I do not see my task as making sure that the opinions expressed toe some mythical line. People who persist in posting outwith these simple guidelines will get one warning by PEM. If they do not heed that warning then they will be unable to post until they have given the requested assurance.


Brian G8ADD

is that the true ?

GW0DSP , a good friend of mine is banned ?

not the true or ?
what way goes the MT ?
censorship and everyone who have another meaning would be banned in future ?

sometimes i thinking not good about the MT !
First the delete of so many summits in DM, then the censorship and
banning from good friends.
whats going on ?

with my poor englisch i read, that the only thing at beginning in the thread
was, that a activator takes his beam and pole on the summit, but useed the
simple rubberduck on the handheld.
thats funny !
think about , i go on a qro activation and take a 20ah slab and amp with
me , but i go only with 2watts qrp and a short vertical on the air !?!
thats funny , sorry. then nobody has to wonder about such comments in
the refelctor !!
that all a reason for banning ?

i wonder more and more about the way sota goes …

73 Klaus DF2GN

In reply to GW1LFX:
ok Mike,

so its true ?
GW0DSP Mike is banned from the reflector and the possibility to
spot in sotawatch ?

vy 73 Klaus

In reply to DH8DX:

i see that the posts from mike as GW1LFX are also removed
from this site.
a good time to delete also my posts here.
will do that today after work.
ok i know, MT is not democratic and have no interrests in the views or
meanings of the participant. people with other views or critical
comments are banned.

fine,fine…go on !

In reply to DF2GN:

No, Klaus, you are completely wrong.

Nobody has had their posting rights removed for other views or critical comments. If you disagree with MT policy you are free to say so. The only requirement is that you post in a polite manner, with no wish or intention of causing offense. People have only been excluded for offensive posts and disruptive behaviour.

It is a great injustice to say that the MT has no interest in the views of participants. In fact a good deal of time is spent by members of the MT in examining suggestions put to them by those using the SOTA program.

I would like to add that I deeply regret the need to remove the posting rights of Mike, GW0DSP, I count him as a friend, but the rules of conduct on this reflector apply equally to everyone, to him, to you - and of course to me.

I hope you will reconsider, Klaus.


Brian G8ADD