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I Reached My First Century Today thanks to all inv


I decided to post this as I have been slowly chipping away at this hobby now since April 2006 and due to personal commitments I dont make it out very often and today I have reached my first goal of 100 points by activating Great Shunner Fell (counting the winter bonus but just to be certain I followed over the ton and activated Lovely Seat too).
So my thanks go out to the following who made this possble:
1: Clive M1YAM - who introduced me to this hobby walking first then Sota! and who drives me to these hills for the escape from civilisation :slight_smile:
and now in order of points gained From Great Shunner Fell
I will add just a quick report from today’s activation, we parked up bang in between Graet Shunner Fell and Lovely Seat and walked to the peak through endless mist and hardened bogs - set up the gear in the shelter Clive on 5mhz and me on 145mhz got our points and I bagged G0PZO’s cache and back down we went - by this time the ground was getting a bit more mushy but not too bad,
We had a bite to eat and then went for Lovely Seat, this time the bogs had totaly thawed out and I sank in a few places there and back, WX was still misty and cold - I set up my station and Clive his and by this time a few more people were about so consequently I only made one call and was bombarded so my points were made easily, I gave a few chaser points by shifting the beam in all directions then bagged the cache after the only other two walkers had moved on.
packed up and went back to the car - day done and once again I thank you all for and will chat again at 250 points!


In reply to M3ZPY:

Hiya Mark,

Congratulations on reaching three figures and well done to Clive for taking you with him! I hope Clive is a little better and/or is blessed with another supply of patience; he’ll get there in the end and you will soon build up some more points with the bonus.

You have done some nice ones. Cross Fell, Helvellyn and High Raise, which is quite a long walk in. I wonder what Clive will surprise you with next?

I laughed when I read about your ‘sinking feeling’ on Lovely Seat. It’s just that first bit where you have to cross fairly flat terrain before getting some height on. My boots are still drying out after I sank in the same mire the day before you.

Keep up the good work,

73, John G4YSS.


In reply to M3ZPY:
Well done Marc, a very good start to your SOTA activating. Some great hills in your list.

Frank G3RMD


In reply to M3ZPY:
Very well done on the 100 points Mark.,
you will soon achieve 250,and gud on Clive fer recruiting you to SOTA.

73 de Geoff,G4CPA.


In reply to G4CPA:

Well done on your 100 activator points, just 900 to go, hi.

Keep up the good work.

73 Mike GW0DSP


Well done Mark. The first 100 are definitely the hardest as they include the steep learning curve we all experience. Before you know it you will have 250 under your belt with an eye on semi-goatdom!

Best wishes for your future activations.

73, Gerald