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I-LZ101 MONTE CAVO 20/09/2020

today i was planning an easy activation using HF so i choose the Monte Cavo, a very nice hill near Roma. I’ts easy to reach to top using ad old roman path called “via sacra” with nice bl3ack stone. After 45. walking i reach finally the top of Monte Cavo but has you can see in the photos it’s full of antennas of FM/TV transmitter. So i try to find a nice place without so much RF to do my activation. Finally i found a nice area very close to the top where you can see the view of two nice lakes and where i can put my station. Using FT-817 and a easy longwire antenna (9:1 balun + tuner) i made 4 qso on 30 meter band and 1 on 20 meter band. Not bad, the qrm was very very high and was not easy to receive in this area. Nice activation and nice path to walk.

73 Andrea IW0HK