I/LZ-051 Monte Tancia 1/11/2020 Iw0hk & Iz0ete & Iz0Fyl

Hello Om,
today nice first activation of Lz-051 Monta Tancia a nice hill near the city of Rieti, we use two different station with my callsign Iw0hk and also Iz0ete. We both use CW on 17/20/30/40 meter band on Hf and also 2 nice Fm qso Summit 2 Summit with other two station on Hills near monte Tancia (Monte Pizzuto IW0BSQ and IZ0WRX on Monte Cimino). We had a lot of fun & qso, all people on the hill was crazy to see two full shortwave CW station on the top of a mountain.
We use Recent RS -918 & tuner & 9:1 Balun with a random wire and Elecraft Kx2 with a magnetic loop.

73 de Iw0hk Andrea