i/lo-435 Scioscia after third lockdown

Lombardia returned in yellow zone after some weeks in red and orange, now we can move freely in our region.
this morning I reached the top of mt Scioscia, but something has gone wrong. while fixing my experimental antenna on the pole I realized that i didn’t put the wire radials in the backpack.

I’m a little bit rusty to make a rucksack…
I tryed to tune the vertical without radials, but internal atu of kx3 didn’t work fine.
I could have to cut some meter of radiant wire, but I opted a less destructive solution, the only conductive wires available were microphone cable and keyer cable.
I connect the jack of microphone in the GND bnc plug 4mm.

with this makeshift radial sistem I was able to work some stations in 20 cw and also 3 stations in 10mt of which 2 s2s, the some reference ea2/nv-091: first qso in 20mt with ea2bd/p and after some minute ea2lu/p in 10mt.
the other stations logged in ten meters are my friend that live at about 20km from summit and a station from the southest italian island, Pantelleria.
I passed in qrt because my dog was bored to stay sit.
Thanks at All for fun!
at the next time, hoping in some extra radials!!
73 de iw2obx


Hello Roberto,

good that you carried that microphone with you!! A clever emergency solution that worked…
I am glad to have the S2S with you in such a situation.

Don’t worry, you are not the only ham who have forgotten a part of the gear at home, hi hi!
Best 73 and hope to catch you soon again.


Don’t worry Roberto, there are other “forgetful” sota activators … recently heard from the mishap of Manuel HB9DQM, who had forgotten to pack a HF antenna.
To read on the summit photo of Cima di Sassello HB/TI-134


Awsome job my dear friend!
It seems that microphones are saving us lately,
and in the most uncommon ways!
Because of that I will honour my mic making a few
SSB QSO during the next activations!

73 de IU2IJW Martino

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