I/LO-320 Palanzone IW2OBX & IU2IJW activation 25/01/2020

Hello Guys,
Yesterday, in the late morning Martino and I reached the summit.
We installed two stations, Martino worked 20-40-cw with ft817 and efhw 40-20-10, using also a rh770 on 817 and one baufeng for some qso in 2mt ssb and fm.
I tried to use a forty 9-er and a little tuner h.m. but the contest in cw didn’t allow me to use this band, the absence of a narrow filter made me upset.

I turned on the kx3 and I worked in 30 and 20 cw.
We were able to log 2 NA qso with nice report 579 599.

The last setup that we wanted to used consist in a raspberry pi4 supplied from powerbank connect to kx3 for digital mode, it was the first time that I used it in portable operation.

We discovered that RTC on board to Pi4 didn’t work, we solved sync clock with network connetion from Martino’s phone, the signal from my operator network was absent.
We were abled to rx and tx in ft8. No qso but more spot viewed on psk reporter.

On the way back we stopped in Ariella hut for a tea and a piece of cake.
It was a nice activation, many thanks to Martino also for the afternoon snack.

After dinner I implemented a gps usb for local clock on pi4, in this way during next activations I’ll be independent from the internet sync clock.
In the next days i’ll check because real time clock don’t work



Thanks for submitting this report Roberto! It was a wonderful activation. Fun, fun and fun! Starting from a 2m FM contact, I switched to ft817 with 770 antenna and 2m ssb contacts, then EFHW and 20m and 40m dx CW-only. And then extreme HAM technology reached the summit: IW2OBX and his ft8 setup! It really was an ham radio playground. I’m really proud of what I did!

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