I/LO-291 Mt Barro by canicross 07/03/20

I started from my qth with my dog Zac; I used a Salomon 10L backpack, I putted in one shirt, a windproof jacket, 1/2 liter of water, dog food, bowl for dog, waist belt and running line, smartphone and kenwood th-f7 with original antenna.

I run up along Val Faeè with Zac that pulled me up speedly; we reached the summit at about 09:00 utc.
I had a break for taking a breath and feeding Zac; after ten minutes I started to calling cq with handheld.
I sat on a comfortable stone five meters under the top, sheltered from the wind that blew strong.

after about twenty minutes of activation I passed in QRT with 5 qso of which one was s2s with @IK2LEY/P from I/LO-432 Mt. Canto.

The summit started to get crowded and I decided to return home.
we run across sentiero delle torri gote gothic’s tower path, passing through ruin of Celtic city of Barra and finally we descended to sentiero del vento translated wind’s path, a very panoramic track.

Thanks at All
de Roberto


Even if you had no QSOs, that summit’s worth climbing for those views.

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