I/LO-285 and I-LO-230: sorry for my bad CW

To chasers and activators: during my two last activations I had several setbacks with my paddle…
Last S2S qso was made with a microswitch, my emergency cw key!
Sorry everyone!
I take this opportunity to ask for advice on a good, not too expensive, paddle for my 817.
Thanks to all

Monte Colmegnone LO-230

The beatiful lake of Como


Most people who own a Palm paddle are very happy with it. I agree with them, I like mine too. I haven’t used the micro paddle but have seen it. I’d go with the standard size just for ruggedness and the saving in mass from the smaller model is very small. It’s very cute.

73 Andrew VK1DA Vk2UH

not too expensive, paddle for my 817
I have MFJ- 561 is light and cheep
but soldering not very good

Don’t worry, an adventure like a sota activation, should have some unexpected, just for learning something new!!
My compliments!!!

Il mio cw è ancora scarsino per una attivazione sota, molto scarso…

73 de in3aqk

Thanks to all
@IN3AQK : insisti, vedrai che soddisfazione :wink:

@IK2LEY grazie dell’incitamento pensa che sono già soddisfatto adesso che vado qrsss