I/LO-278 Megna 16-05-21

During the planning for Mt. Megna activation, the assonance between the name of this summit and the word maniac… It come back to mind the song ♫♫She is a maniac♫♫.
this melody has accompanied me also when I climbed up along the steep path, with the result of frenetic pace.

The activation started in 40 ssb with 1/4 lambda and four radials, it was 7:00 utc and the top of the mountain was deserted. I didn’t have the earphones with me. It was easy to manage some qsos in ssb and cw on this band, after about one hour some people started to invade the zone and spoil my receiving conditions, i qsy in 30 cw changing the antenna feed, from gp for 40mt to EFHW 20-10 using a 64:1 balun. max power used from 3 to 5 watts.
the first hour I used ten enaloop nimh and lipo 3s 5500mA for the rest of activation, both batteries weren’t fully charged.

When the internet network reappared I send a spot in 20ssb.
few minutes later some little old women came quicky and they sat near me chatting with loud voice… it seemed a Benny Hill sketch!
it was time to pass in qrt.
thanks at All


Please my dear friend let me explain:

For non Italian speaking folks:
“gn” in Italian in pronounced like the “ñ” in “niña” in Spanish,
so “Megna” seemsa bit like “mania©”.

Great song, indeed, and I feel a little bit
like a maniac on top on the mountains with my fishing pole!

“He’s a maniac, maniac on the top,
and he sends CQ like it’s never been done before”

73 de IU2IJW


…it fits! i would also do qrt if this woman sat down with me :wink:


73 Armin